Our mission is to create positive change by donating 10% of profits to help save the planet or the animal on each shirt. Our donations go to our Environmental Partners who are carefully vetted, approved, and are also “1% for the Planet” members.



Our Environmental Partners are carefully vetted and approved organizations that are also members of 1% For the Planet. They work to advocate, conserve, steward, educate and activate to create a healthy, vibrant future for our planet. We are committed to building support for the essential work being done by these organizations within six core issue areas: climate, food, land, pollution, water, and wildlife.


For us the planet and all who call it home come first - and we are proud to offer high-quality, sustainable garment options made of up to 6 recycled plastic water bottles per shirt, Tencel Modal made from renewable beech trees, and organic cotton, all sourced from the US. Each t-shirt helps you reduce your carbon footprint, save water, and reduce waste.


Safe and comfortable working conditions are a fundamental right. All of our garments are made in WRAP (Worldwide Responsible Accredited Production) certified facilities. WRAP is a globally recognized, independent 3rd party certifying body whose mission is to promote ethical, humane and lawful working conditions.


Our recycled shirts are sourced from a factory in Haiti that is BetterWork and WRAP certified – creating a transparent supply chain with high ethical production standards. Makers earn more than 3x the going rate for like jobs in the area, an amount carefully calculated to support living expenses of a Haitian household.



These shirts plant trees, remove trash from our oceans and saves animals! The biggest draw for our sustainable apparel is their positive impact on the planet and those who call it home. Each item you purchase creates positive change by donating 10% of profits to the to save the planet or the animal on each shirt. Donations go to our Environmental Partners, who are carefully vetted, approved and are also “1% For the Planet” members.


As a member of 1% for the planet, we donate a minimum of one percent of our total annual sales to approved grassroots environmental non-profit organizations, in order to support the work they do to help the planet and all its inhabitants. We are required to provide documentation each year to maintain this status - so you can trust us when we say that we're serious about our mission to make a difference.