Rare Earth Co. provides Eco-Conscious apparel and products that are ethically and consciously sourced. We consider everything - starting with raw materials used, down to the implications of the product's end life. Our apparel is manufactured with almost zero waste - anything that can't be turned into a tee is either recycled or re-purposed. Ecologically safe dyes coupled with USA Cotton fabric is what makes our tees soft and sustainable.
Eco-Friendly ProductionOur apparel is made from USA grown cotton, dyed with ecologically safe chemicals and manufactured in an eco-friendly facility. Doing our part to keep the earth and your closet beautiful.
Certified Ethical TradeOur garments are assembled in a 4-Pillar SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) certified facility. The four pillars are Labor Standards, Health and Safety, Business Ethics and The Environment. This ensures that everyone is not only safe and healthy, but happy too!
100% Eco-Friendly Inks -  We print using only the highest quality Eco Friendly water-based and plant-based inks to produce clean, bright images with superior washability on all of our garments.
We provide garment options that are made with Recycled Polyester and Sustainably-Grown BCI Clean Cotton. We are committed to continuing to offer our customers sustainable garment choices - and to incorporate environment consciousness into every aspect of our product sourcing.
Recycled Polyester We know our long-term success depends on our commitment to act responsibly and sustainably. Our Recycled Polyester tee options use a polyester fiber made from recycled content including plastic bottles. Compared to virgin fiber, our recycled polyester consumes less petroleum, emits fewer greenhouse gases and conserves water and energy.
Sustainably Sourced Cotton By supporting the BCI, we are ensuring that more cotton farmers are learning sustainable farming methods, allowing for more sustainable cotton to enter the global cotton supply chain.
What is the BCI and Better Cotton? - The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) is the largest cotton sustainability program in the world. The aim of BCI is to improve the global cotton system by training farmers across the globe on more sustainable farming practices, including: efficient water use, care for soil health and natural habitats, reduce use of harmful chemicals, advocate for women's inclusion, focus on worker's safety and well-being. 
Cationic Heathers - Now, more than ever, we need technology that protects our environment. That's why Cationic Cotton is used to dye the heathers in our sustainable tees. Cationic Cotton has a permanent positive charge, making it "friendlier" to dye. This in turn creates a shorter and more efficient dyeing process that utilizes less water, energy and chemicals.